Responsible Sustainable Signage Manufacturing.


By Designs

Here at Designs we take our environmental responsibility seriously. We're not just jumping on a recent bandwagon, passing by. We have been active in doing our best to reduce our impact on the environment from day one 27 years ago. 

In the early days environmental concerns centred on waste and pollutants that were inevitably produced as part of our manufacturing and production process. Ensuring these were disposed of correctly and where possible recycled.

We've put together a little bit of information below on the efforts we have made to become more sustainable and reduce our environmental impact. If you would like to speak to one of our team on how we can help you with more environmentally friendly signage reducing your own impact on the environment than please call us on 01482 787713 or email us at

As the years passed and Designs grew, so did our impact on the environment. The power consumption used by our equipment, the chemicals used in some of the print processes, the CO2 emissions of our vehicles and our waste all increased as a result of our growing business.

The move in 2014 to our new premises, which were built to high environmental standards with extra insulation to minimise heat loss and lots of natural lighting and LED lighting to supplement this all help to mitigate our impact on the environment.

This wasn't enough for us though, we wanted to go above and beyond the minimum. We wanted to help protect our environment and be a leader rather than a follower in reducing our impact on the environment.

In 2014 we installed 124 solar roof panels to help power our production facility. Although we haven't really shouted about this we are really proud we took the plunge and some of the figures based on actual savings are quite impressive.

Since installation they have:

  • Saved over 67 tons of CO2 emissions
  • Would have powered 24 average UK family homes for a year
  • Saved the equivalent CO2 emissions of an average UK family car driven over 350,000 miles
  • Would have charged over 8.2million smart phones

We were also early adopters of electric vehicles, buying our first one in 2015 and ever since we have either used all electric or hybrid electric vehicles for our contracts managers. As soon as it is viable to have electrically powered vans than you can be certain we'll be getting those too.

CO2 Emission savings at Designs

Not content with just cutting our CO2 emissions, we also wanted to reduce other harmful emissions too. Conventional UV printers require expensive extraction equipment to vent harmful fumes away from people using them into the atmosphere outside.

Designs Managing Director Rob Daysley made the decision to start changing our fleet of printers to HP Latex. In 2019 we were one of the first in the UK to install the HP Latex R2000. Using water based inks that are safe for the environment, for the people using them and can be disposed of easily, all without a reduction in print quality.

It almost goes without saying we've been doing it that long, but we will always separate our waste in house for recycling and test new products and materials as they come to market to stay ahead of the game. Ensuring we do more than our bit for the environment we all share.

We continue to look at innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment and produce signs for our clients, who can be assured we're doing what we can and more to provide the best service and highest quality signage as environmentally friendly as possible.