Go Green.

We recognises that we have a responsibility to the environment and we endeavour to go beyond the minimum requirements

Reducing the impact our business has on the environment is a key part of our business plan and strategy for growth. We review our operating procedures and production methods regularly to ensure we are following the latest good practice, we encourage our suppliers and staff to do the same.

Here at Designs Signage Solutions, we believe actions speak louder than words, in recent times we have invested heavily in environmentally friendly technology including;

  • The Power of the Sun - We installed 124 solar roof panels generating enough power to keep our production equipment running carbon neutral.
  • Recycle not landfill - All of our paper and card is bailed in-house and collected for recycling. We also supply local schools and craft shops with any offcuts of material.
  • We love latex - Our printers use the latest HP Latex digital print technology which uses water-based inks. This means no nasty fumes or hazardous waste to dispose of.
  • E-Cars! - We currently have 5 fully electric or hybrid vehicles, that can be charged on-site via our car charging station....which itself is powered by our solar roof panels.

Our commitment to working more environmentally friendly and efficiently will help us grow our business and reassures our customers that we take our obligations and responsibilities seriously.

Designs Signage Solutions Sustainable Signage Manufacturers