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Unparalleled expertise in fleet branding

Every emergency vehicle in your fleet is a beacon of hope in times of crisis. Our unparalleled expertise in fleet branding ensures that each vehicle not only stands out but also embodies authority and trust. We recognise the pivotal role your fleet plays in public safety, and we are committed to ensuring that they visually project that commitment.

Three ambulances.
Ambulance. Ambulance. Ambulance.
Royal Military Police.
East Midlands Ambulance Service.
Greater Manchester Police.
East of England Ambulance Service.
Merseyside Police.
Isle of Wight Ambulance Service.
Mountain Rescue England and Wales.
National Ambulance Service.
National Highways.
NHS England.
NHS Scotland.
Nottinghamshire Police.
Order of Malta Ireland.
South Central Ambulance Service.
St John Ambulance.
South East Coast Ambulance.
Designs employee fitting fire van with graphic.

Nationwide installation network

Whether your operations are spread across urban centres, rural areas, or regions in between, our nationwide installation network has you covered. From single-vehicle branding to outfitting entire fleets, our seasoned professionals are equipped to serve you wherever you are.

Our 3 step process


Designs employee measuring van.


We begin by understanding your specific requirements and goals. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to assess your needs, offer guidance on design and materials, and provide tailored solutions that align with your brand image.


Vehicle graphic sketch overlaid onto van.


Using state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading materials, we create stunning graphics and wraps that capture the essence of your brand. Our production team carefully craft your designs to meet the highest standards of quality.


Designs employee fitting graphic to police van.


Our experienced technicians will meticulously apply the graphics or wraps to your vehicles, ensuring a seamless and durable finish. We take pride in our attention to detail, delivering a finished product that exceeds your expectations.

Designs employee measuring van. Vehicle graphic sketch overlaid onto van. Designs employee fitting graphic to police van.

Experts on hand to help

We have a team of dedicated experts ready to assist you every step of the way. From our knowledgeable account managers to our skilled fitters, we have the expertise to bring your vehicle livery vision to life.

Three air ambulances.

Creative planning with CAD

Ensure your emergency service vehicles make a visual impact with CAD livery concepts from our specialized team. We work closely with police, fire, ambulance, and rescue services to develop highly visible, regulation-compliant vehicle livery designs using cutting-edge CAD software. Our photorealistic 3D renderings accurately showcase lighting, retroreflective materials, chevron placement, wording, and specialized graphics on specific vehicle models. We handle all necessary approvals and liase with regulatory bodies.

Three air ambulances.

Precision templating for consistency

Consistency is the hallmark of professionalism. We understand the critical importance of uniform branding across your fleet. Our meticulous templating ensures that every vehicle receives the same high-quality livery, reinforcing your brand's image and recognition.

Damage repair service

Accidents and wear-and-tear are part of the journey for emergency fleets. Rest assured, our comprehensive damage repair services are here to restore your vehicles to their prime condition. Our swift and efficient solutions minimise downtime, ensuring your fleet is always ready to respond to emergencies.

Damaged ambulance with a replacement livery sticker. Replacement livery sticker. Damaged ambulance. Kit format sections.

Global reach with worldwide shipping

Emergency knows no borders, and neither do our services. Our global reach extends to worldwide shipping, making our premium vehicle livery solutions accessible to you, no matter where your operations take you. Trust us to bring our expertise to your doorstep.

Two Designs employees using machine.

Reduce costs with kit format

We understand the importance of cost efficiency when managing a large fleet. That's why we offer a cost-saving solution through our kit format option.

Our team carefully prepares and packages all the necessary livery elements in a convenient kit. With our kit format option, you can achieve a professional and cohesive fleet appearance while optimizing your budget.

Ambulance van
Vehicle Designs brochure. Vehicle Designs brochure.

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