Bespoke signage for bespoke Lane7 venues

Designs Signage Solutions are honoured to have installed a wide range of signage for Lane7’s exciting new venue openings in Leicester, Bristol and Manchester.

Lane7 is a fresh new concept in entertainment venues. Built in old industrial spaces, they have worked hard to retain the industrial look whilst adding bold signage, striking interior design, funky furniture, vibrant outdoor spaces creating an electric atmosphere that will appeal to lots of people looking for a little excitement.

Shut up and Bowl at Lane 7

It’s no surprise bowling is the main feature of Lane7, and they scream about this with the “shut up and bowl” signage you will see at their venues. There’s much more to Lane7 than just bowling, with a wide array of bar games such as beer pong, bar billiards, pool, vintage arcade games as well as a great selection of street food to keep your energy levels up, and of course plenty of loud mouth soup to drink.

Working with Lane7 was strange but in a really good way. No two sites are the same, old signage was revamped and repurposed to fit in with the Lane7 imagery, the designs and ideas thrown about to create the quirky industrialised look was just fantastic to work with. Lane7's ideas range from a portaloo repurposed as a photobooth, to an ice cream van becoming a bar.

Even their brand is different at each location to fit in with that particular venue's history...what a nice touch.

Lane7 are innovators, creatives, and offer a unique proposition on the British hospitality scene with unique venues and a consistent theme ‘exciting spaces the Lane7 way’.

Along with their estate of amazing venues, they have also created great pop up events such as #burnitup in North Shields, #thisistheplace In Sheffield and a mega outdoor location outside their Leicester central venue.

Sorry we got carried away with what Lane7 are all’s our dull boring bit about signage, we’ll keep it short! To be honest the signage we installed for Lane7 was anything but boring. The wide variety of different types of signs installed across their new sites in Bristol, Leicester & Manchester included lenticular main fascia signage, illuminated flexface signs, built up acrylic letters, 3D feature pieces, faux neon and bespoke fabrications. Anyway that’s enough about the signage, take a look at the pictures to admire the signage and of course the Lane7 venues...and make sure you visit a Lane7 near you soon.

If you're not lucky enough to have been to a visitor to a Lane7 yet, take a look at the video below to see what you're missing!


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