The tale of an independent pet shop in Beverley that’s anything but ordinary

At Designs we love it when something a little bit different comes along and we were delighted to be asked to install the signage for a new boutique style pet shop and dog grooming spa opening in Beverley.

An up market looking sign was required and Andrea who owns Everything But The Dog made a great choice when opting for white 3D built up Letters on a grey background. The new sign looks fantastic during the day but it is also halo illuminated to have maximum impact on an evening too.

Everything But The Dog is an independent pet shop and dog grooming spa in Beverley, Yorkshire, that’s a touch special. Everything they stock has been uniquely chosen to give you that wonderful feeling that comes from buying something just a little out of the ordinary.

Whether you’ve popped in for a unique dog gift to brighten someone’s day, or you’re looking for a striking new dog lead to put a spring in your dog’s step and turn some heads on your daily dog walk, everything you’ll find in their dog boutique has been selected to give you a sense of delight.

Everything But The Dog want to help customers celebrate the relationship between humans and dogs, and with bespoke and handmade dog accessories and gifts, you and your cherished pets can have that joyful feeling every day.

When owner Andrea welcomed her first dog Monty into her life, she realised just how fabulous life with a dog by your side (or snuggled at your feet) could be. With a happy-go-lucky spaniel, Andrea entered the world of dog, and the dream of a dog-centric boutique and spa began to ripple until, finally, the vision became a reality.

Andrea has created an extraordinary pet shop that is an experience to behold. Through bringing together artists and makers, she has curated a dog boutique and spa that is a must-visit for any dog lover. With each visit, you will surely find something new that catches your eye, a must-have dog accessory or product that you can’t stop thinking about.

And so, if you can’t get that gorgeous dog print or handmade dog bed out of your mind, then don’t despair…. For everything you can buy in the pet shop can be found in our online dog boutique.

For more information on Everything But The Dog and for their online dog boutique visit their website:

From the very beginning, Designs were helpful in every aspect, as I came from a position zero when it came to designing this really important aspect of my business. Taking the time to understand the look and feel of the Brand that I was wanting to create, and translating this into a finished article that they were able to simulate how it would look on the shopfront were important factors in making the decision to partner with Designs. Timelines were always accurate, and adhered to, and the installation team did a great job, even painting the wire the same colour as the exterior !!

Andrea Owner - Everything But The Dog

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