As a trusted supply partner to MKM Building Supplies, Designs Signage Solutions assist in planning the signage at new MKM branches across the UK.

Working alongside the MKM New Branch Director, our own project planners get involved at an early stage in the site acquisition process.

The Designs team will visit the new site to carry out a site survey, from which our creative team will plan what signs are required and the location of each sign.

A wide variety of signs are produced for each MKM branch opening, these include the main illuminated flex face signs on the building, digitally printed ACM boards are used as information or wayfinding signage and then to really announce their presence a large monolith sign is more often than not erected at the entrance to each branch.

Drawings visualising the locations of the proposed signage and how they will appear on the buildings are supplied to MKM early in the project allowing them to make changes and adjust as necessary.

Once full approval is given by MKM, we plan the production and installation of all the signage to ensure everything is in place for the grand opening of each branch.

In addition to the signage we supply MKM for their new sites, we provide their existing sites with refreshed and updated signage as and when required. We also designed and produced MKM branded hand sanitiser stations that were distributed to all sites nationwide.

MKM Building Supplies are pleased to work with Designs as a supply partner. Projects are always delivered as specified, on budget and on time. The finished quality is consistently excellent across all our branches.

New Branch Director MKM Building Supplies
MKM Signage Installed by Designs Signage Solutions

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