Designs Sponsors Lads FC.


By Designs

Designs Signage Solutions are delighted to support Lads FC and sponsor their training wear.

The club was established on 8th of October 2020. Originally getting together 18 lads to play a one off match for charity.

Within the matter of days they had become a new community football club!  Having realised as a club, they had the power to raise a lot of funds for various charities. There are a number of clubs that play for charity in the UK, but Lads FC wanted to take it a step further.

Chatting with Anthony the Chairman of Lads FC it was great to hear him speak about the clubs values "We see the club as a place where people can come for a laugh, escape the stresses of everyday life, or perhaps somewhere to feel part of a social group or team. We have welcomed various Andy's man club members who have struggled with their mental health.

"We pride ourselves on being open and inclusive for anyone and everyone. despite being called Lads FC we have 2 female players and welcome any gender, race, religion, ability etc. to join our club."

Within 3 months Lads FC managed to play 4 matches (prior to lockdown), run 1000km between them and host a number of training sessions to raise funds for charity. They have a massive focus on mental and physical health and feel that the club is a place where their players can be proud of what they have achieved, and will achieve together.

We can't wait to see Lads FC on the pitch again and look forward to continuing our support of the club.

Lads FC can be contact via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by email