Acrylic Signs.

A truly versatile material for signage

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Acrylic signs / Perspex® / Plexiglas®

Acrylic signs are often referred to by the material brand name such as Perspex® or Plexiglas® and remain a popular type of signage material.

The nature of acrylic means that signs can be finished with a high gloss, polished look to create a more sophisticated appearance.

Acrylic is versatile, its surface can be printed on, either digitally or by screen printing, vinyl can be applied to the surface, it can be etched and also cut to any shape. Acrylic sheets come in a variety of opaque, translucent or fluorescent colours, as well as a completely transparent option to resemble glass.

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Due to its strength and rigidity acrylic lends itself to the production of signs using individual stencil cut lettering or logos. Individual elements can be fixed directly to walls or back plates to give a raised effect and are popular in commercial buildings when way finding, directional or information signs are required.

Stencil cut acrylic letters can also be fitted to a built-up frame to allow for internal illumination of the individual lettering or illumination that is hidden to create a halo or glow effect around the lettering.

Design Signage Solutions provide an in house design, production and installation service for all types of acrylic signs and can work with you on initial concepts to help you get the perfect signage solution for your needs and budget.

Have a look at some of our completed acrylic sign installations in our gallery and our case studies showing how we manage projects from start to finish on behalf of clients.