Emergency Vehicle Livery.


The chances are you will have already seen our work, perhaps the vehicle passed a bit fast with blue lights flashing and sirens sounding!

We specialise in preparing and installing reflective livery for emergency service vehicles. Our work can be seen across the country on ambulances, fire engines and police cars, as well as on specialist vehicles and other highway vehicle operators.

If you would like to speak with one of our ESV specialists than please call us on 01482 787713 or email the team at talktous@designs.uk.net

We are certified converters and applicators of all the major reflective products, including:

  • 3M (DG3 Assured Seal Plus),
  • Avery V8000 (approved converter) 
  • Oralite VC612 and Nikkalite Crystal Grade

As well as other leading reflective engineering-grade and fluorescent materials. 

Unfortunately, the nature of the work of these vehicles means bumps and scrapes are inevitable. But with our unrivalled after-sales service, replacement reflective livery for damaged panels can be delivered the very next-day, meaning vehicles are out of action for as little time as possible.

We ensure the best in quality and durability, meeting important and up to date legislation and guidelines. From a single bespoke vehicle to large fleets, we offer a complete service, including consultation, design, templating, production and installation nationwide.