Faux Neon.

Can you tell the difference

Everyone seems to know what neon lights are, they evoke memories of the old American diners and bars, complex to produce and somewhat fragile they are quickly getting replaced by a more versatile Faux Neon. 

Looking remarkably similar, Faux Neon Signage can be produced in a couple of different ways, using either a flexible tube that can be manipulated to different shapes and fixed into place, or it can be cut from a solid piece of acrylic that is cut to the required shape.

Photo Loo Faux Neon Illuminated Sign

Faux Neon is illuminated using low voltage LED’s. These can be illuminated in different colours or even be programmed with colour changing patterns.

Faux Neon signage is the perfect, cost effective replacement for a traditional neon sign, take a look below at some of our recent Faux Neon Sign installations.