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One of the most popular types of external signage is a flex face sign. As the name suggests the surface of the sign is made from a printed flexible skin, usually a flexible PVC substrate that is stretched across an aluminium frame or box holding it flat under tension.

Flex face signs are extremely popular as they offer a cost-effective method to promote your company name or brand on the side of a building and can be illuminated to provide an even greater impact on an evening. Most of the signs you see at the out of town retail outlets tend to be flex face signs.

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Using a PVC substrate to produce a flex face “skin” enables sign companies to produce much larger signs, using wide format print and taking advantage of the properties of PVC that allow it to be welded together to create signs of enormous proportions.

A flex face sign can be installed using an aluminium back box or a frame. The benefit of using a back box means that it can be constructed to various depths to accommodate different types of internal lighting solutions. By far the most popular method to illuminate a flex face sign is using a box with internal LED lighting. LED lighting has much lower power consumption than traditional lighting and lasts much longer, with up to 10,000 hours maintenance free run time.

Aluminium back boxes can be constructed in various shapes and sizes, they can also be powder coated to match the colour of your sign, brand or building.

A flex face frame offers a much lower depth profile than a back box, typically only 30mm. They’re a great solution if you want the sign to appear as part of the building construction or where internal illumination isn’t required. These can still be illuminated using external lighting systems such as a trough light, that either shines up from below or down from above the sign.

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