Fret Cut Lettering Signage.

For that high impact premium look

Fret refers to a design or decorative piece in relief, meaning it sits proud of the adjacent surface. A fret cut letter is created by using a cnc router, fret saw, lasers or even high pressure water jets to cut individual elements from any number of materials. Fret cut letters can be produced from a wide range of materials, here at Designs we have produced them from Aluminium, ACM Board, Acrylic, Foamex and a wide range of other materials that meets the customers brief or requirements. These individual letters can be fixed directly to the wall or building or mounted against a solid board for a background effect.

Fret cut letters can be illuminated and often are used where hallo illumination is required, providing an edge glow around each individual letter. Another popular method is by using a back box with a face that has acrylic fret cut letters built into it and the illumination shines through the lettering.

We can design and construct any manner of fret cut lettering sign, talk to our team to discuss your requirements, and we'll work with you to deliver signage that can’t fail to impress.

Take a look at the wide selection of fret cut signs we have installed for customers across the UK.