Illuminated Signs.

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The term “Illuminated signs” covers a huge array of signs. Typically it is used to describe a sign that has some form of internal illumination. However signs can also be illuminated externally using trough lights illuminating the face of a sign by shining down from above, or up from below.

Usually an illuminated signs is constructed out of a box type structure where the lights are installed. The face of the sign could then be a flexible skin (flex face) that is printed and allows the light from within the box to pass through. 

Other options include having a solid face to the sign with letters cut out, different coloured acrylics can be fitted to the rear of the face to show the letters or logos illuminated in different colours.

Faux Neon are another type of illuminated sign and harp bar to the nostalgic days of 1950’s American diners. 

Take a look at the wide range of illuminated signs we have completed recently.

Whatever your requirement for illuminated signage Designs Signage Solutions can help with any requirements you may have. We can work on concept ideas for a completely new project or construct signs from existing designs to compliment existing signage. Get in touch to see how we can help you.