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Creating a warm and welcoming environment is vital in the modern workplace. Gone are the days of a sterile all white or magnolia painted room. Companies are taking advantage of the cost effective ways a dull office space can be converted into a vibrant, inspiring and enjoyable place to work.

By far the most popular way to brighten up a work place is to apply self adhesive digitally printed vinyl to the walls, with a message and/or colourful graphics. Sometimes a simple line of motivational text (not too cheesy) is sufficient, other times a full wall graphic is required to really lift the space out of the realms of the dull and ordinary.

Designs Signage Solutions offer a full array of options when it comes to creating bespoke office wall graphics. From our in house design service, to the printing and production. Finally we will install the graphics to ensure the finished product is completed to the high standards expected.

Whether you are looking for a friendly reception space for visitors, a cheerful office for your employees, a canteen that's a welcoming place to eat or to create meeting rooms that inspire the next great business development idea, Designs can help, call us on 01482 787713 or email.


Our latest product offering, the tensioned fabric wall graphic system, can take your work spaces to a whole new level. A flexible, reusable and environmentally sustainable system. Fabric Walls can be fixed to existing walls, or can be used to create partition walls or even free standing walls.

With a whole range of accessories including lighting, sound proofing and TV integration to name just a few. With hidden fixing systems and no visible joints in walls up to 3m high the only limits are your imagination. The fabric wall system can be quickly updated with new graphics and messages cost effectively with the minimum of disruption to your office.

Find out more about our office wall graphic installations or the new fabric wall system by calling the Designs team on 01482 787713 or email.