Police Emergency Vehicle Livery.

ESV Reflective Battenberg Livery

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Designs Signage Solutions have worked with Police forces and vehicle converters across the UK for over 25 years in supplying and installing ESV reflective battenberg livery.

Police forces operate a huge array of vehicles from cars to motorcycles and boats to helicopters. With the expertise in our team we can template and tailor the reflective vehicle livery requirements to suit almost any vehicle and project.  

Our production capabilities are amongst the most capable in the UK, we’re proud to be one of only four companies to be able to offer the 10 year 3M assured seal plus certificate.


We are certified converters and applicators of all the major reflective products, including:

  • 3M (DG3 Assured Seal Plus)
  • Avery V8000 (approved converter)
  • Oralite VC612 and Nikkalite Crystal Grade

Preparing the reflective vehicle Battenberg graphics and livery for Police, Ambulance or Fire service vehicles really is second nature to us. We design, supply and install hundreds of kits every month whether this is to emergency vehicle convertors preparing a new fleet of vehicles or directly to the emergency services to replace damage panels on site.

We know that ongoing maintenance of the reflective livery on vehicles is important. Vehicles get damaged and it is vital that they are repaired and back on the road providing a service in the shortest possible time.

With almost three decades of experience working alongside vehicle converters, regional police forces, ambulance service trusts and fire & rescue services we can template all manner of vehicles and provide full or part ESV kits for replacing panels on any damaged vehicles.

Our dedicated team will work with you to ensure we understand your requirements, tailoring our service to suit exactly what you require.

For more information on how we can help you source ESV reflective livery for police and emergency service vehicles contact one of our team on 01482 787713 or email.