Reflective Ambulance Livery.


Over the years the team at Designs have established an enviable reputation for being one of the UK's leading suppliers and installers of reflective vehicle livery for ambulances.

Trusted by NHS trusts across the UK we can work on site at vehicle convertors, we can send vehicle kits anywhere in the UK or Europe to be fitted locally and we also have the space to install reflective livery on Ambulance Fleets at our premises in Hull.

If you would like to speak with our ESV specialists than please call us on 01482 787713 or email the team at

We not only supply the reflective livery for new ambulances directly to the ambulance convertors we also supply replacement kits to vehicle repair companies.

It's inevitable that from time to time Ambulances have bumps and scrapes. Any downtime incurred by an ambulance whilst in for repair means one less ambulance on the road and available for life saving duties. All ambulance livery items produced by Designs is catalogued and details remain with the vehicle. When replacement panels are required, we're able to identify the exact livery design required and dispatch the same day to minimise any downtime for that ambulance and makes life a little easier for the vehicle repair company.

The time lapse video below produced by by Vehicle Conversion Specialists (VCS Ltd), condenses the 400 hours it takes to build an East Midlands Ambulance Service vehicle to just 3 minutes. If you watch carefully you can see the flash of the Designs team installing the reflective livery.

At Designs we only use the best and most vigorously tested materials on the market. 3M products, such as ‘Diamond Grade’ 3M reflective marking tape, conforms to all the regulations and is a material that is durable, efficient to apply and provides a long lifespan.

East Midlands Ambulance Service Vehicles with their reflective livery supplied by Designs Signage Solutions