Seating Banners.

Made to measure, for your team, your fans and your sponsors.

Seating Banners for stadiums are proving really popular in recent times. Designs have carried out projects for sports clubs up and down the UK wanting to maximise commercial revenue from seating areas that are perhaps empty on a match day.

Cost effective and quick to have produced and installed, Designs Signage Solutions can manage your seating banner project from start to finish. We can design your banners or liaise with your own designers on templates and size requirements before manufacturing and installing.

As fans return to sports, stadium seating banners can also be used to segregate fans within stadiums, without a fixed barrier. Meaning allocated space can be adjusted depending on the following of the away fans. Ensuring that all available capacity within a stadium can be fully exploited in accordance with regulations.

Speak to a member of our sports teams on 01482 787713 to find out how we can help you with Stadium Seating Banner installations or email us on and make the most of any commercial opportunities as they arise.