Wayfinding Signage.

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Wayfinding signage is basically a catch all term that refers to any type of signage that gives directions! This could be something as simple as the location of the WC’s in an office complex, directions of where visitor and staff parking may be, or the signs you see giving directions at tourist attractions.

Wayfinding signs can be produced using any sign making process. Usually in and around car parks, a basic ACM board fixed to posts or fixed directly to fencing is sufficient. Retail or business parks may opt for a monolith/totem style sign. 

Internally wayfinding signs could hang from the ceiling and be made of lightweight foamex, or fixed to walls directly with self adhesive vinyl. More premium requirements may mean raised fret cut letters are used or an acrylic panel raised off the wall possibly integrating some sort of illumination.

Wayfinding signs have become more in demand due to Covid19 and the requirement to mark out clear one way systems in shops and 2m social distancing markers where customers are required to queue. 

There’s no right or wrong type of sign to use for wayfinding, it really depends on exactly what the customer requires, does it compliment existing signage. For examples of wayfinding signs produced by Design Signage Solutions take a look at our gallery and speak to our team if you would like any guidance on what can be produced.